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kerala tour packages for 5 days

Munnar Tourism

kerala tour packages for 5 days

Highly regarded for its tea plantations and lush gardens, Munnar is a quaint hill station in Kerala province that is guarded by rugged hills. It stands in as the corporate group with a component of the best tea legacies in the world. In addition, this magnificent hill station is habitat for rare and critically endangered species such as the Nilgiri Tahr & Neelakurinji.

Best Munnar Tourism

Munnar is also honored with a mesmerizing landscape, set on the banks of three streams Mattupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru. Blanketed by acres of rich green land, Munnar is a place that will help revive you and keep you fresh. Come out of nowhere and walk with us around the nooks and edges of this abode.

Mattupetty Dam:


Best Time: August to May


The Munnar’s biggest tourism asset is the Idukki district groundwater reservoir which is situated about 13 km from the middle of the hill station. Hidden amongst magnificent mountains and valleys, it is the principal origin of hydroelectric output in the region.Located amid high hills and valleys, it serves as the primary source of hydroelectricity for the area Because water is plentiful around this concrete gravity dam, it is surrounded by an extraordinary range of flora and fauna. If great fortune favors you can even see Asian Elephants exploring this dam-site in search of food and water.


Kundala Lake:


Situated among rolling mountains and hills, this artificial lake is situated about 20 kilometers from Munnar and is renowned for its beauty. With the Kundala Arch Dam as the water source this lake is renowned for its entrancing elegance and charm at an elevation of 1,700 m.


During your visit to Kundala Lake, you will enjoy recreational activities such as boating and exploring the region’s magical beauty. This lake acts as a hotspot for nature lovers. Kundala Lake’s hills and valleys are also home to ‘Neela Kurunji,’ a flower which blooms once in 12 years. In fact, visitors can appreciate the colorful elegance of the cherry blossom trees around all over the dam.


Mattupetty Dairy Farm


The area of Mattupetty is also known for their dairy farm in Indo-Swiss. Planning to visit this farm provides an insight into how to handle and grow livestock to deliver high quality dairy products.

Should not skip a visit to this Indo-Swiss dairy farm at any cost; its history makes it one of the most tranquil places to visit in Munnar.


Blossom International Park:


There is simply no excuse for visiting Munnar without Blossom International Park on the itinerary! This 16acres parkland, home to some of the unusual and exotic flowers, boasts its sumptuous elegance and alluring charm.


A big Munnar tourism spot, this park is also a center for those looking for excitement and leisure. You will take part in events such as boating, nature walking, birdwatching, adventure parks, roller skating and much more on a visit to Blossom International Park.


Echo Point:


When you’re looking for most awesome places to visit in Munnar, you’ll definitely come across Echo Point. It is also regarded as one of the most magical locations to visit in Munnar, located about 15km from the hill station.

Beyond its alluring appeal, tourists will also be able to experience the natural phenomena of echo formation at this stage.

Echo Point will certainly captivate you with its elegance and appeal, as fascinating for children and adults alike!


Tea Museum:


A call to Munnar isn’t just about Mother Nature’s swaying grace! A trip to this magnificent hill station also gives a vibrant snapshot of how the chai (tea) tradition has spread in South India and you should visit the Tea Museum in Munnar to learn more about this century-old history. Including plucking the leaves to manufacturing and shipping, you will have the ability to learn more about the tea industry and to uncover some of the most interesting facts about such a field.

Lakkom Waterfall:


On your way to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 60 km from Munnar town, you can take a diversion to this spectacular Lakkom Waterfalls. An additional charm to Munnar’s list of places to visit, it boasts it’s unreal elegance, and evergreen views.

Lakkom Waterfall, which is an excellent location for all forms of tourists, originates via Eravimala Plateau and descends to enter the Pambar River. While it is not open to the peak of the waterfall, travelers can make it their base and admire its beautiful beauty.


Attukad Waterfalls:


Hidden away in the Idukki district of Kerala between Munnar and Pallivasal, Attukad Waterfalls is also one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the whole world! Nestled amid lush and evergreen trees, the vision of this waterfall is enough to satisfy all your sensations and make you love its alluring beauty!

Often a dream destination for the adventure junkies, the rugged terrain entices trekkers from all over the world. Nature enthusiasts, artists and leisure seekers can also help satisfy all their inclinations with a visit to the Munnar Attukad Waterfalls.

Pothamedu ViewPoint:


Located just 3 km from the heart of Munnar, Pothamedu View Point is the most beautiful tourist destination to uncover the seductive charm of the scenic hills and lush greenery of Munnar. The  nature lover’s heaven, a hotspot for thrill freaks, a shutterbugs paradise, and a treasure chest for picnic-goers, this overlook provides amazing views of the surrounding locations.

Attaching more, in the whole of God’s Own World, the seclusion and tranquility that occurs in Pothamedu Viewpoint could hardly be found in any other perspective. You will also enjoy the spectacular views of the Muthirapuzha River along with Idukki Arch Dam (60 km) and many of the herbaceous plantations in Munnar in your trip to this viewpoint.


A hill station that ushers passion or a paradise that talks to nature’s enchanting beauty, Munnar is popular for being one of India’s cult hill resorts. Perched in the Kannan Devan Hills of the Western Ghats at an astounding height of 5,200 ft above sea level, this remarkable retreat is one of the should first-visit hill stations in Kerala, the God’s Own country.


Decorated with an impressive collection of flora and fauna, Munnar has a number of motives that entice tourists from all over the world.

Beautiful Elegance of Waterfalls:

Famous for its deciduous tea plantations, the Munnar hills will cast a magical spell on the tourists with their rolling beauty and charm! Although most hills are covered with tea plantations, others are adorned by deceptive waterfalls, green trees, and so much more.


You will try on your trip to this magnificent hill station with breathtaking waterfalls such as the Atukkad Waterfalls, the Lakkam Waterfalls and the Naimakkadu Waterfalls which will slow you down for them. Visit Munnar now to witness its beautiful majesty and the best of both the waterfalls.

Adventure Activities:

When you’re the one who knows no limits, if you’re the one who loves to test all rules, or if you’re the one who strives for thrill and excitement, then Munnar is your spot! It proves to be an ideal destination for outdoor lovers thanks to its incredible location and fascinating locations!

It offers its tourists a variety of adrenaline inducing events, with fascinating peaks like Anumudi and Rajamala, rough and demanding terrains.


During the year you can explore this stunning hill station at a certain time and engage in a variety of interesting activities such as trekking, camping, mountain biking and more. Paragliding is also one of the most sought after adrenaline pumping activities in Munnar. Paragliding in Munnar has been one of the adrenaline pumping practices most sought after by thrill junkies in Munnar.


Pleasant Climate:

Renowned for its seductive charm as well as appeal, Munnar needs to wear a pleasant year-round climate. Among all of Kerala’s popular destinations, this is one of those destinations which are renowned for its environment and climate liveliness.


Whether it is summer or winter, Munnar is still flaunting its beautiful glory! Although the winters make it more fresh and tempting, the summer is just making Munnar a better place to go. Just from the other hand, monsoons merely bring in the actuality of being born again amid Mother Nature’s purest form of green shades.


 Mind blowing & Fascinating Wildlife:

Munnar clearly proves to be a wildlife-loving paradise! Home of some of the most scenic and thick nature sanctuaries and biodiversity-protected areas, this stunning Kerala hill station will make you overlook the outside world and dive deep into the wild!


Lead a nature tour through the Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary, or head to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary for wildlife spotting. Move through the Kurinjimala Sanctuary wilderness or embark on a nature tour through Pampadum Shola National Park; Munnar will always keep you fascinated by the fascinating wildlife there.



Delicious Foods

Highly inspired by Malabar cuisine, Munnar is also very sensitive to the desires and wishes of foodies. Tour this beautiful Kerala hill station with your family or friends and you’ll definitely find it difficult to avoid the lure of its flavors!


But not all of the other reasons, the culinary delights of Munnar are sure to cause you to fall for them! They will quickly make you wish for more and more with the scent and exoticity, and count up the butterflies in your stomach! So don’t waste the time, pack your bags and get ready to start the Munnar tourism trip!

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