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Our one day tours package focuses on Munnar and Athirappilly. These 2 destinations are really wonderful to watch. And the climate is good to travel. We will not feel much tired. Make Our Moments arranges good facilities for you. The green tea plantations and the cool climate is the specialty of Munnar. At any time you visit there you can have the cool breeze. The tea plantations are filled with thick green plants and you feel that green velvet is spread over there. Sometimes you can see the mist there.

Athirappilly, on the other hand, is a waterfall. This place is situated in the Thrissur district. This location is famous for various film shootings. The water which is pure and filled with a lot of energy is flowing like milk. The white water lines are an amazing view to have. You can have a bath in the waterfalls too.

We have a well defined Kerala Tour Packages for families and couples. The fresh air and the tasty food will give you temptation to visit this lovely place. Join with Make Our Moments for a better holiday mood!

Attractions in Munnar

Top station- You can get a wonderful view of the whole town from the top station, along with its hills, waterfalls, gardens, and valleys covered in mist. This is the highest point in Munnar.

Echo Point- This is a special point above a hill in Munnar. Talk loudly form the top of this hill and you can experience your voice resonating through the atmosphere. This point is also famous for its natural beauty.

Eravikulam national park- This large national park spread across an area of 92 square kilometers is famous for protecting the endangered mountain goat species Nilgiri Tahr aka Varayadu in the local dialect. A large number of different species of wildlife is sheltered in the forest park.

Kolukkumalai- ‘Neelakurinji’ the rare species of beautiful flowers that bloom once in every twelve years grow abundantly in Kolukkumalai. At the season time, the hill covered with violet flowers looks incredible. Kolukkumalai also has the highest tea garden along with the oldest tea factory.

Attukal waterfalls- Munnar has several waterfalls. Attukal is the most charming of them all. You can trek through the sides of this wonderous waterfall which falls from the top of the mountains.

Mattupetty Dam- You can enjoy boating in the lake formed by the water in the Dam. The Dam is a water conservation and electricity generating center. The Dam is located in Mattupetty which is a hill station near the Anamudi Peak.

Kundala Lake- This lake is located on the way to the Top station. The Kundala Dam here is the first arch dam built in Asia. You can enjoy a Kashmiri Shikara boat ride on the lake with the amazing backdrop of forests and landscapes.

Rajamalai- Rajamalai is located 15 km away from Munnar. This is a famous hill station in Munnar. With its innate beauty and exceptional trails, Rajamalai attracts a lot of visitors to its top.

Tea Museum- Munnar is famous for its tea gardens and factories. This place plays a significant role in South India’s tea production. You can find the country’s first tea museum in Munnar. Here you can taste the best tea of your life.

Blossom Park- Blossom park is a famous flower garden in Munnar. You can see a large variety of rare and beautiful flowers. The park also has a play area where children can play and enjoy a lot. You can also go for boating, roller skating, bird watching, etc. in the park.

Top Stations

kerala honeymoon packages for 3 nights 4 days

Kundala Lake

kerala trip honeymoon package

Attractions in Athirapally

Athirapally Waterfalls – This is a magnificent waterfall that forms multiple layers and falls from a height of 80 feet high. This gigantic structure is formed by multiple parallel streams. The waterfall is located at the entrance of the Sholayar forests in Chalakudy.

Thumboormuzhi Dam- This dam built across the Chalakudy river and the nearby butterfly garden are two attractive places near Athirapally. The butterfly garden possess almost every species of butterflies. The dam has a famous hanging bridge which was built to connect Ezhattumugham to this place.

Ezhattumugham – This is an amazing place for a fun family trip. This place is formed by the flow of the Chalakudy river through a vast plain area of rocky river and banks. Play in the wide natural pool of river water. Ezhattumugham also provides facilities like food stalls, tea houses, washrooms, play area, etc. During the heavy rains when the river is overflowing it’s too risky to go near the water but you can enjoy this location in any other seasons.

Vazhachal Waterfalls – This is yet another amazing waterfall in Chalakudy apart from the Athirapally waterfalls. Vazhachal is located in a 5 km distance from Athirapally. This fall is also visited by a large number of tourists who come to visit Athirapally, the largest waterfall in Kerala.

Chapra Waterfalls – This is a small yet attractive seasonal waterfall near Vazhachal. Chalakudy river is the source of this waterfall. During the peak season, this waterfall gets an alluring form and falls from a height of 70 feet.

Paniyeli Poru – Situated in the outskirts of Chalakudy, Paniyeli Poru is a less known less crowded picnic spot formed by the river Periyar. This place has a historical importance for the locals and there’s a story behind the name of the place. Paniyeli Poru is amidst dense forest and has a lively atmosphere with the presence of wildlife and birds.

Illithode- Illithode is a river flowing through the forest with strong undercurrent in some areas. This is an eco-tourism spot in the forest. The surroundings are covered by thick Mahogany and Teak forests. This river in the deep forest has been the location for many movie scenes.

Abhayaranyam Zoo- This is a mini zoo in the forest where animals are kept providing an atmosphere similar to its natural habitat. Animals like elephants, spotted deer etc. are sheltered here. This is an ecotourism project by the government of Kerala.

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