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Kerala is an attractive land that’ll drag you by its natural beauty. You cannot say no to a Kerala trip for it’s refreshing, memorable and affordable. Enjoy your trip at a fair rate comparing to other countries. Five-day packages to Kerala are filled with many attractive destinations and activities you could enjoy with your family or friends. The waterfalls, wildlife, forests, houseboat trips, hills, amazing valleys, and ghats in Kerala are extremely captivating. The land is famous for its serene backwaters and cruise through these water networks. Trekking up the hills, watching wonderful sunrise and sunset, boating, swimming, sunbathing, jungle safari, wildlife exploring, etc. are some of the activities you can do while in Kerala. Kerala’s authentic cuisines and a complete meal on a banana leaf is something that would arouse your taste buds. The places in five-day packages mainly include Munnar, Thekkady, Cherai, Kumarakom, etc. along with a day and night in a houseboat. Houseboat will take you through the lakes and lagoons of Alleppey and Kumarakom letting you enjoy all the natural attractions in the surroundings. It will be held on the water at night giving you a comfortable stay. Fall in love with nature by being closer to it. Make our moments will customize the best five-day package for you at the best price.

Amazing Geography of Kerala

A major part of Kerala is rich with the mountains, valleys, and forests of the western ghats mountain ranges. This region has high mountains, canyons, and deep cut valleys. There are about 50 peaks in these highlands. Anamudi is the highest peak here and also in India apart from the peaks in Himalaya. The Western Ghats also called Sahyadri mountain ranges is the major reason for the constant rainfall in Kerala and also stops the dry wind from the north from entering Kerala. The highlands that aren’t covered by forests are used for tea, coffee and spice plantations.

While the eastern side if Kerala is guarded by the Western Ghats, the western side is alongside the Arabian sea. Blessed with a pleasant atmosphere all over the year, Kerala remains attractive in all seasons. Kerala has a uniquely different climate during each season.

honeymoon packages in kerala with prices

Monsoon In Kerala

Kerala is blessed with two monsoon seasons- the Southwest monsoon (June – August) and the Northeast monsoon (October- November). Kerala gets most of its rainfall during the southwest monsoon season and this is a state that receives the heaviest of rains. The rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc. flow in its greatest glory during this time. The average rainfall is around 2250-2500 mm during this season. And the temperature in this rainy season ranges from 19°C to 30°C. Southwest monsoon season stops by the end of September. The Northeast Monsoon in Kerala also called the Reverse Monsoons or the Retreating Monsoons arrives between October and November and frequently stays till December. Average rainfall in this time ranges from 450- 500 mm. Afternoons in this season experience heavy rainfall while there’s a humid temperature in the daytime.

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Winter In Kerala

Winter season in Kerala is by the end of November right after the Northeast Monsoon and lasts up until mid-February. This is considered as the best season to visit Kerala. While the regions near the western ghats remain cool throughout the day and the night, coastal areas have a comparatively high temperature during the daytime. Day temperature might go high up to 31°C during this time. But usually, the winter temperatures range between 27°C and 28°C in regions near the coast. The highlands have a cool misty climate around 10°C at this time making it far more enjoyable.

kerala trip honeymoon package

Summer In Kerala

The summer season in Kerala starts towards the end of winter in February and lasts until May before the monsoons. Summer has the hottest days and humid nights. The maximum temperature during this season is 33°C and the average is 29°C. Kerala is relatively less hot in summer than other Indian states where the temperature goes above 40°C. The places near to the western ghats region have a cool atmosphere even during winter. People from all over the country come to Kerala’s high ranges escaping from the heat. End of the summer experience a light rainfall announcing the arrival of the monsoon.

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Climate And Tourism In Kerala

Winter is the peak time when hordes of tourists from all over the country come and explore Kerala. Winters have the most pleasant weather that is most suitable for activities. Monsoon tourism is also famous in Kerala. Monsoon is the time when Ayurvedic treatments are most effective. So, the travelers who would like to get a massage or spa, etc. come in this period. Summer is usually hot in the plains and coastal areas whereas, in high range areas like Wayanad and Munnar, summer is cool and pleasant. Kerala is alluring all over the year in all seasons.

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