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Munnar Tour Packages

So finally, the date has come. Your trip to Kerala is near and still confused on what to pack?

We are here to support you with a simple guide on things to bring in Kerala. Create a checklist and make sure you pack everything according to it. Also, make sure you pack light. People have a tendency to pack more than what they actually require for the trip.


You can wear shorts, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, or blouses according to your comfort and the season. Carry just enough pair of clothes and mix and match those. In summers take light clothes like cotton and linen as the temperature might get quite high. If you are visiting in monsoon season take dark clothes to avoid mud stains. Easily drying clothes are better. And in winter especially if your going to hill stations don’t forget your woolens and jackets.

Kerala women mostly wear sarees, churidars, or long kurtas with leggings. Short dressed women are rare in Kerala. Dress modestly to avoid staring. If you are planning to enter temples in Kerala, men will need a white dhoti and women sarees or knee-length skirts. Men will be asked to remove shirts in some temples due to certain beliefs.


Take your smartphone. This is the first item most of us remember to take as we step out of the house. Take your tablet only if you want to do some work on the way. Don’t forget to take your charger and a universal adapter. If you’re from another country we recommend bringing a voltage plug converter as the voltage standards might differ. The hotels, railway stations, and other places have public Wifi. However get a cheap data plan on the SIM that you’re taking for the trip. And finally, pack every traveler’s favorite companion- camera.


You’ll need your travel tickets, of course. So don’t forget to take them, and make copies if needed. Take your passport and visa and keep it safe. If you previously booked your accommodations, carry a copy of your booking confirmations. Or, if you are expecting to find any low budget stays in your destinations, bring your ID proofs with you. If you people are a young married couple, take a copy of your marriage certificate as some of the local hotels do not allow unmarried couples to share a room.


Don’t forget to bring the prescription medicines and vitamins that you regularly take. Do not compromise your health. Medicine shops and healthcare facilities are available and easily accessible all around Kerala. Yet, the policies here might be different from other countries. So, we suggest taking sufficient quantity of your usual meds with you. Also, carry a small first aid kit as you might get injured while trekking or doing any adventurous activities.


Debit and credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, shops, etc. and ATMs are available everywhere in Kerala. Make sure you have enough money(Indian rupees) handy. you’ll need liquid cash for smaller transactions, street shopping, and entry fees at some tourist destinations.


You can bring a pair of your sports shoes, sandals, and flip-flops for different occasions. If your visit is during monsoons make sure that your footwear is not slippery. And if you’re planning for trekking take a shoe that has good grip.


  • Bring a padlock to keep your valuable things safely if you are carrying any.
  • Take your e-reader just in case if you want to read through your journey.
  • Sunglasses and sun protection cream
  • Umbrella, hat or raincoat
  • Toiletries
  • Moisturizers
  • A small bag that you can carry around.
  • Laundry item if you’re planning to do any.
  • Accessories like jewelry, scarves, watches.

Well, you are all set now. Enjoy your trip and explore the wonderful tourist places in Kerala.