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Places to Visit in Munnar

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If you search for the best tourist hill stations in South India, Munnar will be one of the top in the list. Munnar is one of the most beautiful places in India situated in the beautiful district of Idukki in Kerala. If you visit Kerala, Munnar is one of the places you must definitely visit. The tourist places of Munnar attract nature lovers all around the world. Munnar is set at an altitude of 6000 ft which makes it a cool place. So if you are fed up with the summers, you can take a break and visit Munnar. It will be a refreshing experience for you. There are numerous places to visit in Munnar. So you can have a memorable trip to Munnar with your loved ones.

Best Places to Visit in Munnar, Things to Do & Sightseeing (2020)


Munnar has a very old historic background also. The beautiful tourist places you see in Munnar carved out after a sequence of historic events. It is a place which was unexplored until the latter part of the 19th century when a flurry of plantations came up in the area. Munnar becomes popular to the world through John Daniel Munro in the 1870s.  Munroe visited Munnar by accident and fell in love with the place. He took the place for lease and started transforming the place. He began cultivation of crops like coffee, cardamom, cinchona and sisal in different parts of Munnar. Not so long, tea replaced all the other plantations here, which is still the main attraction of Munnar. 


It was in the 20th century that tourism redefined Munnar. Munnar has a large variety of flora and fauna which, along with the natural beauty of the place, is attracting a number of tourists all over the world. Now, there are a number of hotels and resorts in Munnar to provide the guests a comfortable stay while having an access to the beauty of the place. 


If you are new to Munnar or if you are planning a trip to Munnar for the first time, you may be unaware of the major tourist attractions of Munnar. Knowing the places to visit even before starting the trip will avoid confusions. You will be able to have a very good plan for your trip. Moreover, knowing the details of the place will help you to enjoy the beauty of the place even deeper. This article will introduce you to the major tourist places in Munnar. Let us begin one by one.


  1. Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam - Make Our Moments

Mattupetty Dam is one of the most visited tourist spots in Munnar. Its beauty regularly attracts tourists coming to Munnar. The dam and the lake provides a refreshing experience to the tourists. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley from here and the weather here helps you to simply relax. Mattupetty dam is where water is conserved for hydroelectricity. As there is a large amount of perennially available water, flora and fauna flourish in the region. Mattupetty has lush green tea plantations and forests in and around which makes it ideal for trekking. You can also see a number of bird species in this region. Mattupetty Dam also has boating facilities which can be a very good experience for the visitors. 


  1. Echo Point


Munnar is blessed for her charm and Echo point is one such place that reveals her beauty. Echo point attracts the visitors at the very first sight. It is situated at around 15 km away from Munnar at an altitude of 600 feet. The main attraction of this place is the natural ‘echo’ phenomenon and its picturesque views. Echo pointed is situated at the banks of a lake at is surrounded by the color green everywhere. The misty background adds to its beauty. It is one of the favorite places of nature lovers and trekking lovers. It is ideal for nature walk and trekking. Echo route is en route to the Top Station. 


  1. Top Station

top station munnar - mak our moments

Top Station is 32 km away from Munnar. As the name suggests, it is the highest point of Munnar. You can feel that the clouds are just a hand touch away from you here. Top station falls in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It gives you a panoramic view of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni district of Tamil Nadu. The Neelakurinji flowers are the most famous attractions of the Top station. It blooms only once in 12 years. The Top station gets a different blush look when the Neelakurinjis bloom. Tourists flow to this place to see this scenic beauty at the season of blooming. The Kurinjimala Sanctuary is also very near to the Top Station.


  1. Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary

rajamala munnar - make our moments

This is a part of Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to over half of the population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, which is a mountain goat with short prickly fur and broad build. The place is about 15 km away from Munnar. Rajamala is also famous for its scenic views. It is also an ideal place for mountain trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling. The Pothundy Dam is another attraction of Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary. Boating options are available here. This sanctuary is also home to a number of flora and fauna. It has a rich vegetation of shrubs, herbs, climbers, and trees making it a haven for nature lovers and photographers. Apart from the Nilgiri Tahr, you can also spot tigers, panthers, elephants, deers, and gaurs here. 


  1. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


This is a 90 km sq sanctuary that has unique floral, ecological, cultural, and significance. The thorny scrub forest with xerophyte species is also a unique part of Chinnar. It is one of the 12 protected areas of Kerala. This sanctuary is located in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats and receives very less amount of rainfall every year. It is also an ideal place for trekking. The climate here has also become the cause for a wide array of habitat types like deciduous forests, dry thorn scrub, riparian forest, shoals, and grasslands. The extensive sandalwood forest nearby is an added advantage of the sanctuary. 


  1. Tea Plantations


Munnar has more than 50 tea estates with a variety of tea plantations. Some of the major estates are Kannan Devan, Harrison Malayalam. Brooke Bond etc. Munnar is one of the biggest tea traders in India. Munnar is presently is covered by the mile and miles of lush tea gardens, owned by the various private companies. Tea bushes are sometimes grown on specially prepared terraces to help irrigation and to prevent erosion. These tea estates showcase some of the exquisite and interesting aspects on the genesis and growth of tea plantations. Tea plantations are major attractions for photographers as well as film shooting.


  1. Anamudi

Anamudi peak in Eravikulam is a height of 2,695 meters, which is said to be the highest mountain peak in the country outside the Himalayas. Anamudi is surrounded by forests and is home to a rich variety of animals and plants. It has a large population of gaurs, Asian elephants, lion-tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs. Anamudi is one of the major attraction for trekkers. It gives you an amazing view of the Periyar River and the Thamirabarani and Vaigai rivers flowing to the east. The Neelakurinji flower is also a major attraction here. The mountain turns into a beautiful shade of purple as thousands of flowers blossom together. It happens only once in 12 years. The top of the peak gives you amazing views of the Nilgiri hills, valleys, rivers, spice plantations, tea estates and forests. It is the favorite place of wildlife photographers and nature lovers. 


  1. Blossom Park


This is a place where you can submerge yourself in the gift of nature. This park is located about 3 km from the Munnar Town. Blossom Park is spread in 16 acres and is a kid’s friendly tourist attraction in Munnar. This park is near the banks of River Muthirappuzha and the misty Kannan Devan Hill Tea Estates with green tea gardens. Beautiful flowers like orchids and rich greenery are the main beauty of this park. Other beauties of the park are mountain butterflies, artificer waterfalls and a river in the middle. Blossom Park is a must visit for families as it has a children’s play area, swings, hammocks and boating facilities. You can feel revived and relaxed in this park.


  1. Marayoor Sandalwood Forest


If you want to see natural sandalwood forests and the vast sugarcane farms, Marayoor is the place you should visit. The place is well known for the best variety of solid molasses. You can explore this heavenly place and enjoy the sight of aromatic sandalwood trees in Marayoor. It is located around 40 km from Munnar. Tourists can visit the famous sandalwood factory here run by the Forest Department. 


  1. Kundala Lake


Kundala lake is famous for its scenic beauty and the Shikar boats. It is a must visit for honeymoon couples as the place is very romantic. It is located at a distance of 22 Km from Munnar. The place is filled with a rich aroma of tea plantation and view of the low-lying hills. The Kundala Dam is also an attraction here for tourists.