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Wayanad offers a myriad of places for its visitors to explore and these include spots like the Chembra peak and Pakshipathalam. Trekking to Chembra Lake is often considered dangerous. So, all the travellers get to unravel their adventurous souls when in Wayanad. Whereas to reach Pakshipathalam, travellers will have to cover 17 kilometres of dense forest. Again, Wayanad is full to the brim with waterfalls, ancient caves, and a variety of wildlife sanctuaries for the travellers to enjoy.

The main tourist attractions in the place include Edakkal caves, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Mananthavady Kuruvadweep, and Thirunelly Temple. Edakkal caves let you enjoy the historical importance of this place. The caves formed by the strange inclination of three rocks feature new Stone Age pictorial writings on the walls that are evidence of civilisation from the prehistoric time. ‘Edakkal’ means a stone in between and the place was identified accidentally by F. Fawcett.

Places to visit in Wayanad

While the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is all about enjoying the wildlife. The place is rich in biodiversity and is an integral part of Nilgiri biosphere too. Kuruvadweep is literally an island situated at the eastern corner of Wayanad. The place offers a different experience with the crickets chirping and the birds whistling all around. However, the entry is restricted to 200 people at a time to let everyone enjoy nature and not to let the place get too crowded. There are a lot of fun activities to do at Kuruvadweep as one could experience how it is to cross a river in a bamboo boat and take a walk deep into nature.
Lastly, the Thirunelly temple is a must visit the place as it invokes the inner devotion in each one of the travellers. The temple is an epitome of brilliant architecture. With thirty granite columns shielding the temple, this oldest yet famous temple offers a quiet and peaceful environment. If you are a foodie who loves to taste something new, you could buy a cup of hot and tasty bamboo payasam from the temple for just 10 Rupees. Similarly, the Glass Temple of Kottamunda located on the slope of Vellarimala is truly magnificent. The interior of the temple is lined with mirrors that reflect the images of idols placed in the temple’s sanctum. The temple is built in dedication to Parswanatha Swamy of the Jain faith.

Kuruva Islands
A group of three islands in the middle of the Kabani river. This is a place which you cannot miss when you come to Wayanad. You can access the island by bamboo raft or boats.
Edakkal Caves
Edakkal caves have natural and historical significance. Cave paintings, symbols, etc which are said to be from around 6000 B.C are a rare and impressive vision.
Neelimala This is another wonderful trekking trail in Wayanad. Passing the narrow and uneven misty trails you reach the top of the viewpoint to experience all the beauty of nature just in front of you.
Banasura Sagar Dam
The Dam is famous for boating as you can enjoy the ride watching the magnificent beauty of the nature surrounding. This Dam holds the water from the mountains on the background.
Soochipara Falls
Soocipara, also known as needle rock as the water hits the sharp spike of rocks, forms a pool at the base of the fall which is perfect for a thrilling water experience.
Pookode Lake
this is a place loved equally by family and honeymoon couples. You can spend your time relaxing around the pool, spotting water flowers and fishes, watching birds and monkeys from the nearby forest, and boating.
Tea Estates
Take a stroll through the vast tea garden. Refresh your minds with the enchanting greenery and taste the varieties of natural blends of tea.
Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sanctuary in Muthanga is an ideal place to spot a herd of elephant. Also, there are a lot of birds, insects, and animals protected here.
Meenmutty Waterfalls
The biggest and most beautiful waterfall in Wayanad, located near the reservoir area, and on the way to Ooty.

Things Not To Miss In Wayanad

Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo rafting A fun and thrilling activity for family and friends. Take an adventurous trip on a raft made of bamboos through the forest regions of Wayanad.
Wayanad has varied attractive hills to provide its visitors a unique experience. Chembra peak is the most loved trekking spots with a heart-shaped lake on the way and the wondrous view of the Karapuzha and Banasura Dams from the top.
Cave camping
Cave camping Wayanad offers you unlimited fun worth your money. Spent your night with camping near the cave and feeling the nature.
Cycling The tough roads in Wayanad are a challenging adventure for cycling enthusiasts. A ride through the narrow ways between the tea and coffee plantations are also refreshing as well as thrilling.

Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Winter (December- February)
– Wayanad is most alluring in winter. This season is perfect for those couples looking for an amazing honeymoon package to Wayanad. With the cool climate and light evening rains, winter sets Wayanad in its astounding beauty.
Summer (March-May)
– During the summer holidays take your family to Wayanad. This place does not get as hot as other plains in Kerala at the time. The hottest it gets here is 36 Degree Celsius and it is always balanced with the cool wind from the forests.
Monsoon (June- September)
– Wayanad looks amazing in the monsoon rains. Those who love rain and to get drenched, along with watching the wondrous places can come to Wayanad in this season. This is yet another time best for the honeymoon couples to visit Wayanad.

How To Reach Wayanad

The nearest airport is the Karipur International Airport in Kozhikode, which is 100 km away from Wayanad. You can hire a taxi or catch a bus to Wayanad from the airport.
Kozhikode railway station, which is 110 km away from Wayanad, is the nearest station on your way. You can hire a taxi or catch a bus to Wayanad from Kozhikode.
Catch your bus, hire a taxi, or self-drive the distance. State transport and private bus to Wayanad are frequently available from different places in Kerala.

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