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Kodaikanal is known as the queen of hill stations. Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is the better suited for people looking for Kodaikanal couple packages. The first thing that comes running off to our mind when we think of Kodaikanal would be the mist covered mountains and beautiful valleys. Every bit of your imagination about the perfect paradise would come true once you visit Kodaikanal.

Nestled at an altitude of 7200 feet in the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal features a pleasant environment and majestic waterfalls. The mixture of culture and clear lakes come together to create the perfect setting to spend a holiday. Kodaikanal is the perfect location to take your time off from the hustle bustle of city life. Travellers could connect with nature and head out on adventures to enjoy their life. Often, Kodaikanal holiday packages take you to the best spots at Kodaikanal. Additionally, Kodaikanal is home to an endangered species of animal – The grizzled giant squirrel.

Places to visit

Green Valley View
It offers a breathtaking view of the valleys, streams, hills, and plains from the top point. This place was formerly called Suicide Point due to the deep dangerous valley which is more than 5000 feet down. On the way, you can find several shops that sell homemade chocolates, handmade ornaments, etc. You’ll be surrounded by a lot of playful monkeys in this place.
Kodai Lake
This is an attractive man-made lake amid the Kodaikanal town. The rich green Palani hills that surround the lake is its main water source. The lake was made in the shape of a star with an average depth of 3 meters. You can sail in the boat, or go for horse riding or cycling around the lake.
Pillar Rocks
This is a place with three huge vertical rocks at a height of 400 feet. These rock pillars provide a majestic view. Here you can see a mini garden and people selling food items. The gutter between the rocks is called Devil’s kitchen.
Pine forest
This is the most loved tourist spot in the city. Abundant long pine trees make this place ideal for relaxing and unwinding. You can take a long walk through the woods enjoying the company of monkeys. Try camping, horse riding etc. while you are in this place.
Bear Shola falls
In a distance of less than 2 km from Kodaikanal Lake, you can see this seasonal attraction formed by the water flowing from the hilltop. This fall gets life mostly in monsoon. It is said that bears came to drink water from this fall and hence the name.
Coakers Walk
It is one Kilometer long walking square on the mountain with a breathtaking view. People often go for cycling, evening and morning walks in this place.
Thalaiyar Falls
This is the highest fall in Tamil Nadu and is located on the slopes of Palani hills. From the view tower, you can get an amazing view of the fall. This white, long, and narrow waterfall is also called as rat tail falls.
Berijam lake
This is a serene lake in the middle of a forest conservation area surrounded by large pine and acacia trees. You may get a glimpse of wild animals like elephant, deer, Bison, Langur, etc. from this place. The lake is open for visitors from October to May and you’ll need permission from the forest department.
Dolphin’s Nose
This is a viewpoint from where you can see Kodaikanal at its best. The greenery, valleys, hills, plains, and the sky are most alluring from the top of this cliff that is shaped like a Dolphin’s nose.
Bryant Park
This is a popular botanical garden in Kodaikanal. It has a large collection of varied species of flowering plants and shrubs. Annual horticulture shows hosted here attracts horticulture and garden enthusiasts from everywhere.
Silver cascade falls
This fall is formed as the effect of water overflowing from the Kodai Lake. You can swim under the waterfall, enjoying the view of water falling on to rocks and thrashing down.
Silent valley view
This point located near the pillar rock garden is famous for its astounding view of the silent valley.

Things Not To Miss

You can see some exquisite trails for trekking with various levels of adventure and complexity. These different trails can satisfy the professional trekkers, the beginners, and the ones who do it for fun. Choose the trail based on your fitness, energy, and time.
You can enjoy camping in the pine forest in between large abundant pine trees. This is a relaxing point for tourists. To camp overnight, you’ll need permission from the authorities.
Enjoy cycling through the long pathway around the Kodai Lake. this is a place where a lot of travelers enjoy walking, boating, horse riding, and cycling. You can also enjoy cycling and walking in the Coaker’s walk.

Best Time to Visit

Winter (November- February)
This is the best and most romantic time to visit Kodaikanal. The pleasant cool days and chilling nights make the trip more enjoyable throughout winter. Temperature ranges between 20 to 30 degree Celsius.
Summer (March-May)
In summer the temperature in Kodaikanal will be around 24°C to 38°C. Summers are lovely in this place. You can enjoy trekking, cycling, boating, and also sightseeing utmost in this season. Kodaikanal presents you summer festivals that are unique for this season.
Monsoon (June- September)
Kodaikanal remains pleasant in Monsoon too with an average rainfall and temperature that ranges between 20 to 33-degree Celsius. June to August are the best time to visit this place in Monsoon. But as the rain is unpredictable Kodaikanal packages are not much entertained in this time.

How To Reach

The nearest airport is Madurai International airport which is 120 kilometers away from your destination. From the airport, you can easily get a cab or a regular bus to Kodaikanal.
In an 80-kilometer distance there is Kodai Railway station whereas the nearby main railhead is Coimbatore railway station. While coming from major cities you can get down at Coimbatore and either hire a cab or get a connecting train to Kodai.
You can easily access Kodaikanal by road. Regular transportation is frequently available from major cities like Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Pondicherry, etc. If you want to self-drive fill up your gas tanks and get going.

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