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Kanyakumari rests on the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula. The land is home to stunning hills, pristine beaches, and beautiful rivers. Bordered by Kerala, Kanyakumari’s culture is a mixture of the Tamilian and Keralite culture. Many years back, Kanyakumari was a place that tourists visited just for sightseeing. This was due to the lack of basic amenities to make their stay comfortable.

The government officials then took a pledge to take up tourism seriously and started constructing mind-blowing hotels and resorts at serene spots to attract more tourists. For this reason, Kanyakumari tour packages started gaining a huge recognition. There are of course a lot of places to go sightseeing including the Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kamarajar Manimandapam and more.

Places to visit

Vivekananda Rock Memorial
This is a huge statue of Vivekananda on an island of two adjacent rocks in the Lakshadweep Sea. This island is believed to be the place where Vivekananda got enlightenment. The statue was built in the 1970’s and since then it has become a great tourist attraction place.
Kanyakumari Beach
This beach is splendid with a wonderful view of rocky islands, and other nearby monuments, and the deep blue sea all around. The rocky shorelines and rough waves make swimming here quite risky.
Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam
This memorial is built in the honor of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation (India). When his body was cremated, his ashes were brought to Kanyakumari and immersed in Triveni Sea.
Trisea Sangam
This is a point in Kanyakumari where three seas meet together. The sunrise and sunset are magnificent here.
Our Lady of Ransom Church
This is a breathtakingly beautiful church near the ocean, which was built in the 15th century. It stands as a perfect example of gothic architecture. The gold cross and the decorations enhance the charm of the church.
Thanumalayan Temple
This temple of Lord Hanuman is famous for its wonderful architecture. The Hanuman statue in the temple is 22 feet tall and is finished using a single granite block.
Kumari Amman Temple
Non- Hindus are not permitted inside this temple. It is located just 8 km away from the city center.
Wax Museum
This museum in the city of Baywatch near Kanyakumari contains wax statues of many important personalities. This is the first wax museum in India. The statues are so realistic that you’ll get a feeling as meeting its human counterparts. The walls of the museum are painted with amazing 3D images.
Padmanabhapuram Palace
The palace that was entirely made using wood is now home to various inimitable artifacts and antique pieces. It was built in a 4 km lengthy fortress. Different types of ancient weapons, brass lambs, Chinese jars, sculptures in wood and stone, paintings, etc. are protected in the palace.
Thiruvalluvar Statue
You can reach the island with the statue of Thiruvalluvar by a boat. He was a Tamil poet and a great philosopher. The legendary classic Tamil text ‘Thirukkural’ was written by him. The statue was made 1990 for his honor. And the construction of 133-foot height statue was completed in 1999.
Vattakottai Fort
The name of the fort means ‘circular fort’. Lying 7 km north to Kanyakumari, on the coast of Bay of Bengal, the fort is spread over 3.4 acres. This fort has aesthetic as well as historic significance.

Things Not To Miss

Surfing in the Kanyakumari beaches will be an awesome experience as it’s one of the windiest beaches. The occasional heavy waves make this sport exciting.
This beach contains rocky shores which make swimming here a bit challenging and risky. If you are sure to be careful you can try swimming in some places on the beach.

Best Time to Visit

Winter (November- February)
This is the peak season for the tourists in Kanyakumari. October is considered the best time as the weather is most cheering with slight humidity, sea breeze and a great view of the sunset. And the famous cape festival is celebrated in this month.
Summer (March-May)
March is the best month if you are searching for a Kanyakumari tour package in the summer season. Towards the end of April, it gets rather hot, but that’s the time best for swimming and surfing and the cool wind will keep you comfortable.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to Cherai is just 22 km away, the Nedumbassery International Airport in Kochi. You can easily get a taxi or bus to Cherai from the airport.
You can either get down at Ernakulam Junction or Ernakulam Town railway station or get a taxi or bus to Cherai.
You can board a bus to Cherai from private or KSRTC bus stands in Ernakulam. Or self-drive easily via Goshree Bridge that connects the road to the islands.
As Cherai is in Vypin Island, you can also reach your destination by water route. Boat services to Vypin are regularly available from the main boat jetty and high court boat jetty in Ernakulam.

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