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A large range of tourists come back to Kakkadampoyil to get pleasure from the cool climate and to stay far-flung from the bustle of the city.

On the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats bordering Kerala. Kakkadampoyil village, AN undiscovered hill station forty eight kilometre far from Calicut &NILAMBURCity. enclosed by forests, misty hill ranges, deserted roads, untouched waterfalls (Kozhippara waterfalls), build the village price a visit. Facilities for tourists ar on the market. The year is split into four seasons: Cold (December to February)), Hot (March to May)), South West Monsoon. (June to Sept) and North-East monsoon (Oct to Nov)). throughout the recent weather, the temperature goes up to a most of thirty C, and in weather, the temperature drops to fifteen C. the quality downfall is 2600 millimeters every year.

Kakkadampoyil is located in koodaranhi punchayet in Kozhikode District close to Nilambur. This brow village is one in all the great tourer destinations at intervals the Malabar region. it's regarding fifteen kilometre from Koodaranhi, nineteen kilometre from Thiruvambady, and twenty four kilometre from Nilambur. Calicut town is regarding fifty kilometre from here. There ar several autochthonous social group teams during this space. it's set high on the Western Ghats, with altitudes ranging from 700 linear unit to 2100 linear unit.

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