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Cherai (Malayalam: ചെറായി) is an area in Kochi Taluk, a suburb of the city of Kochi, in the province of Kerala, India. It has the longest beach in Kochi. The beach is situated towards the center-north of the Vypin island. The place is the upcoming tourist destination in Kerala Tour Packages for the couple.

The Beach is 10 km long. Dolphins are at times observed here. This is cleanest and less busy beach in Ernakulam city. The sea is ideal for swimming & bathing. There is the unique combination of backwaters merging with the sea. Not only the beach but also on the way to the beach, there has a visual treat gifted to us by nature with lush green paddy fields lined with coconut groves. This picturesque scenery attracts tourists to this sandy beach. The beach is ideal for the honeymoon visit. Cherai is well known for the mouth lingering fresh seafood and country wine Toddy. Cherai has many hotels, resorts, home stays, houseboats, Ayurvedic Spa’s and other accommodation options are available.

Places to visit

Kuzhupilly Beach
The less crowded, longer and cleaner beach in Vypin. This is the best beach for honeymoon couples and family.
Gowreeswara Temple
This temple is famous for its festival, which they celebrated every year in which around 20 elephants are marched.
The Backwaters
Cherai is also famous for its backwaters close to the sea, which is separated by a stretch of sandy land.
Paddy fields
The green paddy fields below the sea level in Cherai also attract a lot of tourists with its calm and beauty. After harvesting paddy the fields are mostly used to farm prawns.
Azheekal Temple
It is an ancient temple famous for its wood carvings, Gopuram on the eastern side, and the silver pallakku (Palanquin).
Sahodara Bhavan
The 18th-century house with a view of Periyar River where Sahodaran Ayyappan, a social reformer was born. The house is open for visitors and researchers.
Pallipuram Fort
This is the remaining of the oldest European monuments in Kerala. The Fort, which is a gigantic hexagonal structure was built in1503 by the Portuguese. This fort is locally called as Ayikotta and Alikotta.
Pallipuram Church
The festival of this church is celebrated continuously for 15 days every year. Pallipuram church was built in 1507 by the Portuguese. This is said to be the first church in the name of Our Lady of Assumption in Asia.
The breakwater point in Munambam is the place where Periyar River and the Arabian Sea meet together. The Munambam beach is also called Muziris Golden Beach. This is a perfect place to sit and relax watching the water, fisherman boats, fishing nets, and the sunset.

Things Not To Miss

Cherai is an incredible beach which is almost 15 km long, where you can swim and surf as long as you get tired.
Water sports and activities like water scooters, speed boats, canoe rides, etc. are also available on the beach for tourists
Once you are done with all the energy driving activities, lay down and laze on the shores and get a warm sunbath.
Watching dolphins
Occasionally you can spot dolphins swimming in the sea water. It is magnificent to watch them swim freely in their natural environment.
Chinese fishing nets
Believed to be received from ancient Chinese emperors the Chinese fishing nets serve a historical importance to people in Cochin. This is the only place that uses such nets for fishing apart from Chinese people.
Sea Foods
Cherai is a well-known beach not only for its beauty and atmosphere but also for the delicious and freshly served seafood.

Best Time to Visit

Monsoon (June- September)
This is also a good time to visit Cherai. Get an Ayurvedic massage or a rejuvenating spa, enjoy the view of the sun-kissed beaches getting wet with the falling rain and get lazy.
Winter (November- February)
When is the best time to take a trip to the beaches? Winter, of course. Beat the heat, relax and take a walk along the shores of the most serene beach of Kerala.
Summer (March-May)
Summer in Beach? You must love high temperatures! If you want to get a tan on your skin, or if you live in tropical regions, you are welcome.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to Cherai is just 22 km away, the Nedumbassery International Airport in Kochi. You can easily get a taxi or bus to Cherai from the airport.
You can either get down at Ernakulam Junction or Ernakulam Town railway station or get a taxi or bus to Cherai.
You can board a bus to Cherai from private or KSRTC bus stands in Ernakulam. Or self-drive easily via Goshree Bridge that connects the road to the islands.
As Cherai is in Vypin Island, you can also reach your destination by water route. Boat services to Vypin are regularly available from the main boat jetty and high court boat jetty in Ernakulam.

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