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Alappuzha (About this sound pronunciation), additionally better-known by its former name Alleppey, is that the body headquarters of Alappuzha District within the Indian State of Kerala. Alappuzha may be a town associated a municipality in Kerala with an urban population of 174,164 and ranks third among the districts in acquirement rate within the State of Kerala.Alappuzha is taken into account to be the oldest planned town during this region and therefore the beacon engineered on the coast of town is that the 1st of its kind on the Laccadive shore.

Places to visit

Kuttanad Backwaters

One of the most effective places to go to in Alleppey is Kuttanad Backwaters. This isn’t an area, it’s a development. it's a spectacular lake, encircled by the sweetness of lakes, rivers, canals, misty mountains and ethereal landscapes.

Alleppey Beach

Glistening sands, crystal clear water, stunning waves, fascinating sunrise, and sunset is what makes the Alappuzha or the Alleppey beach one among the most effective places to go to in Alleppey. This spectacularly stunning beach is understood for its large, endless stretches, thereby proving as a getaway for couples also as families.


A village located simply some kilometers from Alappuzha or Alleppey, Karumady or Karumadi is one among the superb Alappuzha traveler places that explorers would love. The place plays a important role within the history and development of Buddhism as a faith and is maybe best better-known for the black granite sculpture of Sri Buddha.

Alleppey Lighthouse

Famous because the Alappuzha beacon, the Alleppey beacon are often noticed from miles away. A banging tower celebrating the solitude by the coastal strip carrying strips of red and white is however it's best reminisced.

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