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Looking For A Place To Visit During The Monsoon Season?

Athirapally is a perfect Monsoon destination. When all other tourist attractions and destination get drenched in the heavy monsoon falls, the rains make Athirapally a breathtaking natural wonder. The gigantic waterfall gets additional greatness due to the heavy monsoon water overflowing from the Chalakudy river.

Attractive Tourist Places Near Athirapally

Athirapally is a small town in Chalakudy of Thrissur district. You can get to Athirapally easily from anywhere in Kerala. The largest waterfall in South India, Athirapally waterfall, has been a location for many South Indian movies including the song sequence in the famous Tamil movie Baahubali: The beginning. The waterfall is located in the entrance of Sholayar forests that extends up to Tamil Nadu.

Athirapally Waterfalls – This magnificent waterfall falling from a height of 80 feet, forms several parallel streams on its way down. It has an extremely captivating view from all sides. This is on the entrance of Sholayar forests which gives it a wild attraction. You can go for trekking through the sides of the fall enjoying the break taking the beauty of the surrounding forests and mountains. Also, go for jungle safari into the forests in the jeep arranged by the district administration.

Thumboormuzhi Dam– If you are looking for a place to relax sometime, this Dam and nearby places will you calm and pleasant environment. This dam is famous for the hanging bridge that connects Ezhattumugham and the Dam. The Thumboormuzhi butterfly garden is also the main attraction in this place. If you’re going with your family this is a must go place. Children will enjoy watching diverse species of butterflies fluttering around them.

Ezhattumugham – This is an excellent getaway place surrounded by water, trees, and great facilities where you can enjoy with friends or family. The place has children’s play area, tree houses, and food stalls. Play in the wide natural pool of water formed by the flow in Chalakudy River through the forest lands.

Vazhachal Waterfalls – Seven kilometers away from Athirapally waterfalls, lays another breathtaking waterfall that will captivate you with nature’s wonders. You can see this waterfall from a long distance. During the heavy rains, Vazhachal becomes fascinating with its full glory.

Chapra Waterfalls – On the way to Vazhachal, you can see Chapra fall which is a seasonal waterfall. During the peak seasons, the fall was seen falling from about 63 feet high. This is a narrow waterfall in Athirapally that is not even visible in other seasons. This forms due to the overflow of Chalakudy River.

Paniyeli Poru – A less crowded picnic spot in the outskirts of Chalakudy, formed when the flow of River Periyar is affected by the formation of rocks while flowing through the forest. The surrounding forests, atmosphere, birds and the climate in this place add to its elegance. As being amid dense forest this is a less crowded place and rarely visit. The place is popular among the villagers and they have interesting stories to tell about Paniyeli Poru.

Illithode– Illithode is an attractive eco-tourism place amidst thick Mahogany and Teak forest. The river flowing through the forest is the main attraction in this place. The river has strong undercurrents in some areas and is risky to swim. This is also a less crowded place with an amazing backdrop.

Abhayaranyam Zoo– Abhayaranyam is an eco-tourism project by the district administration, which is a mini zoo in the forest where you can spot animals like elephants and spotted deer. Protected in a forest environment the forest department has tried to give them an atmosphere similar to their natural habitat. This is a vast land with facilities like the food court, washrooms, etc. There are a lot of places in the Zoo where you can sit and relax. It also has a Children’s play area.

Winter is the best time to visit Athirapally for exploring the jungle and playing in the pool formed by the waterfall. You can enjoy trekking to the woods in Winter and summer. Whereas if you want to see the waterfall in its full glory we suggest you come during the Monsoon. You can enjoy trekking, river rafting, swimming, sightseeing, jungle safari, bird watching, etc from various locations in Athirapally. This is an excellent one-day getaway place for adventure lovers.

Seeking for an amazing honeymoon destination?

Kerala offers you a memorable dreamy honeymoon with various spectacular honeymoon destinations, resorts, and cottages. Kerala is an excellent combination of all natural attractions including waterfalls, backwaters, beaches, hill stations, and forests. Explore it with your partner, get closer with nature and each other.

Every couple loves to have some quality time with each other after their wonderful wedding. Still, for most of the people due to many reasons, long vacations and expensive trips to faraway countries are way too far from happening. A simple and affordable five day trip to Kerala will let you traverse many attractive places and enjoy your honeymoon to the most. Celebrate your love in the perfect landscape of Kerala’s beautiful panoramas and idyllic weather.

Best honeymoon spots in Kerala

Kerala has various naturally appealing places to visit for your honeymoon. Which one is your favorite?

Misty hills in Munnar

This hill station is the honeymooners’ paradise in Kerala. Munnar has an amazingly cool climate all over the year along with its picturesque landscape, packed with tea gardens, hills, valleys, waterfalls, and forests. The place also has a few special honeymoon resorts with beautiful cottages, gardens, and an amazing view of from the mountain top. Take a romantic stroll through the tea gardens, set a campfire, go for tent camping, enjoy watching sunrise and sunset with your partner, have a lovely dinner, and indulge in adventure activities including rock climbing and rappelling.

Kovalam- spirited and extravagant

Astonishing beach town with romantic beaches, calm backwaters and luxury resorts for a perfect honeymoon. Kovalam has different beaches that entertain different moods. If you prefer beach activities and sports, spend more time in the Lighthouse beach. Or if you want a quieter place and a little privacy, you can go to the adjacent Samudra or Hawah beach. Go for a boat ride in the Vellayani Lake admiring the rich flora and fauna. Have a romantic dinner beneath the star-studded sky.

Backwater trips in Houseboat

If you are seeking private moments far from the crowded city amid the beauty of alluring nature and backwaters, include a day and night houseboat cruise in your trip. Spend your honeymoon nights in a fully furnished well-maintained houseboat in Alleppey or Kumarakom. It will take you through the blue lakes, lagoons, and streams surrounded by paddy fields, rural villages, and forests. Explore the villages, go for village walks, Kayaking, canoeing, motorboat cruise. Your food will be served for you on the boat itself. Special honeymoon packages are available to make your trip more romantic and memorable.

Floating cottages in Poovar island

Spend a night in the glorious floating cottages on the island for an exceptional holiday experience. Poovar Island is surrounded by Neyyar river originating from Agastyarkoodam hills and have the Western Ghats on its west side and the Arabian Sea on the east. These attractive cottage resorts built above the backwaters acts as excellent honeymoon getaway. You can go for a relaxing backwater canal cruise and bird watching in your free time. Swimming in the beach is not advisable as the ocean has strong undercurrents in this destination.

Wayanad- for solitude and adventure

Wayanad is an incredible land covered with a green carpet of nature filled with waterfalls, lakes, thick forests, wildlife, and hills, far from the overcrowded busy cities. The place also has many luxurious and romantic honeymoon resorts along with small cottages and tree huts to make your trip extraordinary. You can enjoy candlelight dinners, private Jacuzzi, bamboo rafting, kayaking, couple spa, massage, other ayurvedic treatments, and long walks through tea plantations.

Cherai beach and backwaters

Amazing beach town with golden shores covered with long coconut palms on the backdrop. This less crowded clean beach is famous for the availability of fresh seafood. The proximity to Nedumbassery international airport and the Kochi city attracts more tourists to this small beach town in Vypeen island. Cherai has several beach resorts with great facilities that gives you a splendid view of the sea or backwaters through your windows. The beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. If you are an adventure loving couple you can also try snorkeling, canoe ride, speedboats, and water scooters. Rent a bicycle and go for a ride through the village or revive your mind and body with an excellent ayurvedic massage.

Thekkady – closer to nature

Thekkady also has a few romantic resorts specially designed for honeymoon couples. Thick woods and the large Periyar lake provides you a calm and adventurous ambiance for your honeymoon days. Go for a jungle safari or a long boat ride and spot wild animals on the way. Places like Murikkady, Kumily etc. provides you with a captivating view of vineyards, coffee and spice plantations.

Ready to go?

Explore the exotic flavors of authentic Kerala cuisines. Get relaxed and refreshed indulging in Ayurvedic massages along with your partner. Enjoy the beauty the most loved honeymoon places in Kerala with lush green forests, hill stations, waterfalls, and the pristine backwaters.

Plan your lovely trip to Kerala, right away. This land filled with beaches, backwaters, forests, and hill stations is ideal for alluring romantic escapades.

So finally, the date has come. Your trip to Kerala is near and still confused on what to pack?

We are here to support you with a simple guide on things to bring in Kerala. Create a checklist and make sure you pack everything according to it. Also, make sure you pack light. People have a tendency to pack more than what they actually require for the trip.


You can wear shorts, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, or blouses according to your comfort and the season. Carry just enough pair of clothes and mix and match those. In summers take light clothes like cotton and linen as the temperature might get quite high. If you are visiting in monsoon season take dark clothes to avoid mud stains. Easily drying clothes are better. And in winter especially if your going to hill stations don’t forget your woolens and jackets.

Kerala women mostly wear sarees, churidars, or long kurtas with leggings. Short dressed women are rare in Kerala. Dress modestly to avoid staring. If you are planning to enter temples in Kerala, men will need a white dhoti and women sarees or knee-length skirts. Men will be asked to remove shirts in some temples due to certain beliefs.


Take your smartphone. This is the first item most of us remember to take as we step out of the house. Take your tablet only if you want to do some work on the way. Don’t forget to take your charger and a universal adapter. If you’re from another country we recommend bringing a voltage plug converter as the voltage standards might differ. The hotels, railway stations, and other places have public Wifi. However get a cheap data plan on the SIM that you’re taking for the trip. And finally, pack every traveler’s favorite companion- camera.


You’ll need your travel tickets, of course. So don’t forget to take them, and make copies if needed. Take your passport and visa and keep it safe. If you previously booked your accommodations, carry a copy of your booking confirmations. Or, if you are expecting to find any low budget stays in your destinations, bring your ID proofs with you. If you people are a young married couple, take a copy of your marriage certificate as some of the local hotels do not allow unmarried couples to share a room.


Don’t forget to bring the prescription medicines and vitamins that you regularly take. Do not compromise your health. Medicine shops and healthcare facilities are available and easily accessible all around Kerala. Yet, the policies here might be different from other countries. So, we suggest taking sufficient quantity of your usual meds with you. Also, carry a small first aid kit as you might get injured while trekking or doing any adventurous activities.


Debit and credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, shops, etc. and ATMs are available everywhere in Kerala. Make sure you have enough money(Indian rupees) handy. you’ll need liquid cash for smaller transactions, street shopping, and entry fees at some tourist destinations.


You can bring a pair of your sports shoes, sandals, and flip-flops for different occasions. If your visit is during monsoons make sure that your footwear is not slippery. And if you’re planning for trekking take a shoe that has good grip.


  • Bring a padlock to keep your valuable things safely if you are carrying any.
  • Take your e-reader just in case if you want to read through your journey.
  • Sunglasses and sun protection cream
  • Umbrella, hat or raincoat
  • Toiletries
  • Moisturizers
  • A small bag that you can carry around.
  • Laundry item if you’re planning to do any.
  • Accessories like jewelry, scarves, watches.

Well, you are all set now. Enjoy your trip and explore the wonderful tourist places in Kerala.

After an extensive trip to Kerala hill stations and beaches, I reached Kumarakom an amazing village on the banks of a large lake. The lake which is called Vembanad is the largest lake in Kerala. I reached my resort in Kumarakom after 1 pm.

honeymoon packages in kerala with prices

After having lunch around 2:30 pm, we headed to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. It is spread around 14 acres managed by the state’s tourism development corporation. we couldn’t find many birds as we went there in the afternoon. They were all flying around somewhere in the village finding their food I think. Anyway, the sanctuary holds several local and migratory birds. One should go there in the early morning to see all of them. Migratory birds from the Himalayas and Siberia are said to be found here.

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We also enjoyed boating in the sanctuary. It provides great ambiance with trees, green surroundings and the chirping of the birds.
Next day morning we went for a walk through the village. The banks of this rural backwater village are attractively packed with long coconut palms and small houses. We tasted some of the fresh toddy tapped by the local people from their coconut trees. Walking through the narrow path between the green paddy fields was like being in a song sequence of a south Indian movie.

kerala trip honeymoon package

We reached the jetty in Kumarakom by 12 noon. There were a few houseboats of different sizes and structure waiting for their travelers. We had booked a comparatively medium one. Our guide took us to the boat and introduced the crew. They were really friendly. Houseboat cruised slowly through the Vembanad lake passing a few small boat and canoes. Villagers use canoes to travel and transport things from shore to shore even today. There were a few resorts that lined the shores. The boat then gradually moved towards the narrow canals and streams that flow through the outskirts of the villages. This was a wonderful experience. villagers were doing their daily chores. There were a few women washing their clothes in the stream. Some of them were fishing. We saw coir making place as crew members later told us. Kerala exports a lot of coir as they have lots of coconut trees. Travelers can go and visit them as they make it.

kerala trip honeymoon package

The food we got on the houseboat was extremely delicious. We ate authentic Kerala cuisine for lunch, dinner and next days breakfast. The boat stopped the middle of the water at lunchtime and the crew served us with freshly cooked food. We had a complete Kerala meal with Karimeen fry.

kerala trip honeymoon package

Late that evening around 6 pm, after exploring the whole village through its waterways, the houseboat was docked on the canal. Every houseboat has a stopping slot nearby it’s owner’s house. After roaming around through the village for some time, we came back to our boat and spent the rest of the night in it. Sleeping in a floating houseboat was an amazing experience.
It was a wonderful morning too. After the calm night, the village woke up and started their routine chores. We could hear the noises of children playing. We ate the breakfast and checked out from the houseboat by 9 am and our exceptional Kerala backwater tour came to an end.